Les Blues des Gynécos
M, le magazine du Monde

The Blues of the Gynecologists Examining the changing relationship between doctor and patient.

AD: Laurence Lagrange

Outside Magazine

Who Do That Voodoo Athletes and adventurers use rituals to get ready for big moments—whether it’s wearing a new pair of socks on summit day or bouncing the tennis ball exactly seven times before bashing a serve. Does it work? Steven Kotler explores the cutting edge of neuroscience, plus a little bit of black magic, to find out.

AD: Petra Zeiler

Global Law
The Atlantic

America’s Courts Can’t Ignore the World

The laws of other countries have a bearing on America’s own—and the highest court in the land needs to take heed.

AD: Paul Spella

Rising Debt

It’s Not Too Late—Yet Why you should care about trillion-dollar deficits.

AD: Lynne Carty

The New York Times Magazine

A Trail of ‘Breadcrumbs,’ Leading Conspiracy Theorists Into the Wilderness Followers of the bizzare “QAnon” theory imagine they can follow preposterous internet hints to some great truth. But that’s rarely where a trail of crumbs takes you.

AD: Claudia Rubin

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