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Is It Better to Trust the ‘Process,’ or to Change It? Whether in sports, politics or law, “process” can be a reliable tool for solving problems—or an excuse for maintaining the status quo.

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Elastic Thinking
Psychology Today

Your Elastic Mind To survive in an environment of constant stimulation and rapid change, elastic thinking is essential. Fortunately, we already have the ability. We just need to give ourselves the chance to use it.

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How Much Is Anyone ‘Entitled’ To, in the End? You can be entitled to your opinion, compensation, a fair trial—or you can be a rude, entitled person. It all depends what we think you deserve.

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10 Breakthrough Technologies
MIT Technology Review

Cover and interior illustrations for MIT Technology Review’s annual 10 Breakthrough Technologies issue.

In order: Dueling AIs, 3D Metal Printing, Genetic Fortune Telling

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The New York Times Magazine

Do Trump’s ‘Approval’ Numbers Tell Us About Him, or About Us? No president has ever been so fixated on his poll results. And no president has ever had less reason to care about them.

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