Hate Speech
The New York Times

Can Tech Companies Silence Hate Speech? Rising global limits are on ‘a collision course’ with the First Amendment.

AD: Molly Bedford

The Green Scare
Spring 2019

The Green Scare The Trump administration has been censoring government scientists, sidelining federal workers and discounting evidence of climate change. Is it too late to save the planet?

AD: Erica Loewy

The New York Times Magazine

The Political ‘Center’ Isn’t Gone—Just Disputed Has political polarization really turned the center into a no man’s land, or is it simply in flux?

AD: Claudia Rubin

The New York Times

China’s Online Censorship Stifles Trade, Too When the Chinese government blocks foreign internet companies for political reasons, the United States should treat the tactic as the anticompetitive economic strategy that it is.

AD: Melody Newcomb

The New York Times Magazine

Does ‘Creative’ Work Free You from Drudgery, or Just Security? One result of our obsession with creative jobs: You may now be expected to live like a starving artist in order to work for a massive corporation.

AD: Rachel Willey

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