Avatar Project

Avatar Project Conceptual imagery for The Avatar Project, a resource that provides Google designers and engineers with a wide variety of images that embody Google's core values around diversity and inclusion. 

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AD: Emily Blank

The New York Times

College Students Are Not OK Late assignments, failed tests, sleeping in class: Welcome to the pandemic-era university.

AD: Damien Saatdjian

Tempting Targets
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Tempting Targets Charities are doing too little to protect themselves from the growing menace of cyberattacks.

AD: Scott Seymour

Design & Covid
The New York Times Magazine

The Design Legacy of Covid? It’s All Around You Some objects and practices born in lockdown will probably stick around for decades—for better or worse.

AD: Rachel Willey

The New York Times Magazine

The 1619 Project and the Long Battle Over U.S. History Fights over how we tell our national story go back over a century—and have a great deal to teach us about our current divisions.

AD: Claudia Rubin

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