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When ‘Reform’ Means a Process of Elimination Nothing sounds quite so sensible or healthy as ‘reform’—whether it’s ultimate goal is to improve society or, these days, to stop trying.

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The Cost of Being ‘Savage’ in a Supposedly Civilized World Even in its new incarnation as a boast, it can’t shed its dehumanizing past. 

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The New York Times Magazine

It’s Getting Harder to Sort the ‘Credible’ from the Incredible The chaotic spirit of the internet—in which every claim is disputed, every authority fallible—keeps creeping further into American life. 

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When ‘Gentrification’ Isn’t About Housing Critics register their objections whenever some cultural product gets an upscale makeover. But the grand flow of capital cares little about culture. 

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Writing Teacher
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Writing Teacher by John Edgar Wideman

“Show not tell. Don’t bother telling me or telling a young woman you are on her side and wish to help. She doesn’t need that kind of help.”

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