The New York Times Sunday Review

You Don’t Want a Child Prodigy What ‘Roger’ dads do better than Tiger moms ever will.

AD: Nathan Huang

The Human Experiment
June 2019

The Human Experiment There have never been more theories spun about what produces happier, more productive workers. BetterUp Labs is using some actual science to get to the bottom of it.

AD: Sarah Garcea

The Spectators
The New York Times Book Review

We Need to Talk About Mattie In this acerbic satirical novel, a mass shooting embroils a flamboyant TV host in controversy.

AD: Matt Dorfman

Technology, Wonder and Us

Technology, Wonder, and Us for Santa Clara Magazine. Good science and good technology need technical expertise—and also literacy in being authentically human.

AD: Jane Hambleton

Hate Speech
The New York Times

Can Tech Companies Silence Hate Speech? Rising global limits are on ‘a collision course’ with the First Amendment.

AD: Molly Bedford

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