Pipe Wars
The New York Times

$300 Billion War Beneath the Street: Fighting to Replace America’s Water Pipes The plastic and iron industries are locked in a lobbying battle to replace the country’s deteriorating water and sewer pipes over the next decade. 

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The New York Times Magazine

When ‘Conservatives’ Turned Into Radicals The movement’s elites may talk about tradition and order, but the base of voters wants something else: sudden, uncompromising change. 

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The New York Times Magazine

In These Lying Times, ‘Receipts’ Offer a Glimmer of Justice Virtual paper trails serve as correctives to everyone from pop stars to the president.  AD: Michele Outland

The New York Times Magazine

Why Is 'Politicization' So Partisan?
 Accusations of "politicizing" may seem like mudslinging but reflect deeper assumptions about what is objective truth.

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Film Industry Subsidies
The Village Voice

New York Is Throwing Money at Film Shoots, But Who Benefits? The state spends $600 million a year to subsidize film and TV productions, yet promised job and tax gains remain elusive.  

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